Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coyote Notes


I'm just kind of moving about over the landscape, today --
you know, the way Coyotes go about searching things out;)
I had the feeling that I could shift my consciousness at any
given moment, so that I'd see things differently. It was like
a hunch, actually. I think I was pretty close to achieving this
magic moment. In any event, it gave me the confidence I
need to continue to think in this fashion.

I got thinking about a woman, too, with long flowing locks.
I know this woman. She's quite tiny, but I was thinking how
nice it would be to have an affair with her. :)) Oh yes, Ol'
Coyote had his thinking cap on today!

I don't actually know where this woman lives, but I see
her occasionally. I must ponder the possibility further as it
seems like a wonderful brain exercise. In fact, such an affair
would likely do both of us a world of good!

Of course, the whole thing might be the result of extreme
desert heat. It can cause the brain to move you in weird
directions. I should find a comfortable rock, and sit in the
shade for a while. Perhaps it'll change my mind, but I doubt
it. Some things just seem right, as if it's the right thing at the
right time.

My gawd, this landscape's beautiful! When I look into the
distance, the heat makes the horizon quiver like long flowing
locks of hair. Perhaps it's got something to do with the "magic
moment" I mentioned above and with shifting consciousness?
Now that I think of it, the tiny woman could be part of a larger
event or experience. She might even be the catalyst I need to
live such magic -- now there's a charming thought!

Well, I could ramble on some more, but I really have to find
that shade. I'll catch you next time,
LaurieC ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

System Crash!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for neglecting my blogs, but
I had a system crash and was offline.
Things are slowly returning to normal,
although I have to recover some of my
files, which are on a hard drive running
Win98 -- my new system is running Windows
Vista . . . help! :)

I'm sure I'll be back soon, with a new

All the best!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Scattered Thoughts . . . .


Well, Ol' Coyote is sitting around tonight, sipping
cactus juice, and reminiscing about the wonderful
party times of years past. Oh yes, those were great
days, even good enough to bring both laughter and
the odd tear to my eye.

Then, I got to thinking how things are cyclical, and
how there might yet be one more cycle of such party
times to this life time. You know, if I could be certain
of it, I think I'd go outside, find the highest hill and
howl until the sun rises tomorrow morning!

I mean, I know a lot more now, and could have one
helluva time, if such a cycle does come around
once again.

Of course, there's always the Law of Attraction! Why
the heck should I wait -- I'll simply go out there and
attract the good times . . . er, the good party times!

I hope you don't feel I'm being a bit off-beat tonight?
I'm actually just allowing the words and ideas to flow,
with just a little control on my part. Geez, it's already
2:55 in the morning, where has the time gone?

I know what I could do -- I could return to Saint John's,
Newfoundland, where a lot of my partying years happened.
It's a wonderful city, with lots of places to explore, lots
of pubs, and an unusually high number of parties
happening every weekend!

In fact, if you happen to be reading this post, and
you've never been to Newfoundland, you should plan to
visit there. The people are fantastic, the island is
unique, and, once there, you'll understand why it was
a country of its own up until 1949 when it opted to join

Enough for tonight! Ol' Coyote's got to hit the sack,
and do some lucid dreaming . . . I know there's a
dark haired beauty waiting for me, just below my
consciousness, somewhere in the dream state:))

All the best everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Cosmic Consciousness -- Love


You know, ever since I read Richard Bucke's classic,
Cosmic Consciousnes (1901), back in the 1970s, I've been
intrigued and fascinated with the concept. Bucke was
a Canadian psychiatrist who practiced in Hamilton, Ontario.

Bucke believed that human consciousness was evolving
and that as time passed, more people would realize a
greater connectedness to all things, including each other,
and to the divine forces of life. This would include a
quickening of the senses, and a realization of oneness
or cosmic consciousness.

Richard Bucke was a friend of Walt Whitman's, and
believed that Whitman had glimpsed this wonderful cosmic
realization of life. He believed that it influenced Whitman,
when he wrote his epic work, Leaves of Grass. This is
an amazing piece of writing, and certainly casts Whitman
as a man of remarkable sensitivity.

The writings of Whitman, Emerson and Bucke, all served
to help shape the closeness I feel to nature and the natural
world, today. It also helped to shape my concept of love,
because if we strive to experience this oneness of life, we
should be prepared to exercise a great deal of love toward
all things.

This is incredibly difficult, and one will certainly experience
many setbacks. I'm not talking about selfishness that often
passes as love, or about jealousy that can also pass as
love, but about unconditional love. Indeed, sometimes I
wonder whether it's possible to sustain unconditional love
over long periods of time? I like to think so, and I like to
think that even if we come close to unconditional love, we
should give ourselves and other people a pat on the back,
for the effort!

When I was in high school, I was infatuated with a girl
who lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We would write long
letters to each other on a weekly basis. Wow! I was so
excited when her letters arrived in my mail box! Anyhow,
we had long discussions about love, divine love, and I'm
sure that I wrote the word, "love," at least two dozen
times in each letter.

To this day, I'm happy that we exchanged those letters,
and shared that experience together. I'm sure that many
of you who read this blog, have had similar experiences.
Well, don't forget to think about them occasionally, and
how special they are to your life. Those are the things
that make life worth living.

I want to say more about unconditional love, in future
posts, unless, as Ol' Coyote, I decide to cope out and
write about something else. You never know when the
Coyote fragment of my personality will take over, and go
off in a totally new direction! :)

Bye for now,