Sunday, February 17, 2008

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

On the Road to Ixtlan


As Ol' Coyote walked the road to Ixtlan, he was
approached by a stranger on a donkey. The
stranger wore a long, brown hooded robe, while
the donkey was decked out in red ribbons on its
ears and tail.

"What an unusual site," Coyote thought.

The donkey smiled and winked at Ol' Coyote.

"Hot day, Mr. Donkey."

"Yeah, sure is . . . we missed the bus."

"I never take the bus. I always walk, trot, or ride in
a half-ton Chevy."

"Maria's Chevy?"

"Yes. How did you know?"

"Just a hunch. Besides, everything in the desert
knows Maria."

"Yes, that's so, Mr. Donkey."

"What takes you to Ixtlan, Mr. Coyote?"

"Oh, it's just some place to go. I often find that
when I walk, I have a destination; although, often, I
walk just for the sake of the desert."

"Is there something else?"

"What do you mean, Mr. Donkey?"

"Well, your eyes tell me there's something else."

"Well, yes, of course, there is something else. I
suppose it can't hurt to tell you, Mr. Donkey."

"It can't hurt, no."



"Yes, love.

"It can't hurt to love, Mr. Coyote."

"I'm glad you think so, Mr. Donkey. You see, when
I walk in the desert, I grow thirsty, and I quench my
thirst with the juice from a certain cactus. . ."

"Which cactus?"

"The nameless cactus."

"Oh, yes, that one."

"As I was saying, I quench my thirst with the juice
from a certain cactus . . . the nameless cactus . . .
and then I'll find a shady place where I can nap.

"When I nap, I dream -- I always dream, when I
nap. Do you dream, Mr. Donkey?"

"Yes, I dream."

"Good, Mr. Donkey. Good. It's nice to dream.

"What do you dream about, Mr. Coyote?"

"Agave. Yes, large agave -- but, I also dream of
women. In fact, mostly, I dream of women. Lately,
I dream of them all the time. We kiss, such soft,
gentle kisses. And, then, I tongue nipples
until they are taut. Slow movements over and
around each nipple -- they are so beautiful and
brown. At least, I think they're brown?

"What do you mean, you think they're brown?"

"Well, in my dream, I'm wearing sunglasses. So,
how can I be certain of the colour?"

"You can't."

"When I tell this story to Maria, she winks."

"Is she jealous?"

"No, Mr. Donkey."

"What does she say?"

"Nothing. Instead, we drive through desert country
in her old Chevy half-ton. We make clouds of dust
that remain stationary in the hot desert atmosphere.
I have seen them there, two days later. She takes
me to an oasis, where we strip and walk naked
into the water. When we are soaking wet, we lie
on a blanket where I do exactly what I did in the


"Yes, fascinating. Her nipples are like those of
the woman in the dream. However, Maria closes her
eyes when I caress her nipples. Often, she'll sing
softly in a foreign language."

"What language?"

"I don't know. It's a language she learned from the
desert. The desert is like that . . . it will teach
you things."


"Yes, it will teach you things. And, oh yes, when
she sings in her soft voice, I gently kiss her lips,
and her song is suddenly everywhere like cosmic
music, and I am lost . . . totally lost . . . a soul
wandering in the desert."

"How beautiful . . ."

"Yes, and then something magical happens . . ."


"Quite magical. You see, suddenly, I feel a warmth,
and the music intensifies, although, somewhere in
the background I can hear her soft voice. . . .
that's when I know I've entered her. It feels so
good, Mr. Donkey, so very good. Yet, all the time
this song is building, while stars and lights flash
in my brain, my mind, and my soul, until we are
both swept away in the rush of it all."

"Of course."

"It all happens so quickly. When I come to my senses,
we are in Maria's bed. It's a large bed, and we are
drinking tequila through long straws. I can't tell you
where she found such long straws. But, I'm rambling,
Mr. Donkey."

"Well, that's okay, but I have to be going. You see,
we missed the bus."

"Yes, that's right. And I'm off to Ixtlan."

"Good day, Mr. Coyote."

"Good day, Mr. Donkey."

Good day,
LaurieC ;)