Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maria and the Woman of My Dreams

Well, that's quite a title for a blog post -- it'll likely
grab some attention;)

I was sitting outside this morning, drinking my tea,
and pondering what to write about, when I realized
I should write about the woman of my dreams -- the
fantasy woman of my consciousness -- the woman
who best sums up my attraction to and fascination
with the opposite sex.

This woman is mysterious, with deep, dark eyes,
and flowing black hair -- a sorceress, if you like, who
moves freely between various levels of consciousness,
as only a woman can do. Yet, she is very much of the
earth -- kind, loving, and caring.

I call this woman "Maria". It's a beautiful Latin name,
that I chose years ago. You see, back in the 1970s, I
met a sparkling South American girl from Colombia.
I've never forgotten her and we're still good friends.
Then, later, I became intrigued with the "trickster"
figure which appears in many cultures. Ol' Coyote, in
particular, caught my attention. I realized that I had
an element of Coyote in me, and that I could play the
role very well.

Later, I put Maria and Coyote together -- she's the
perfect woman for him. She's as devilish and fun as
Coyote himself! Add to this my love of the Southwest,
my fascination with the deserts of that land and in
Mexico, and you have the perfect ingredients for an
on-going tale. So, Maria became the dark eyed beauty
of the desert, as mysterious and delightful as any
character you might ever imagine.

Do you really think anyone can match this Maria of
my dreams? As time passed, I met a second woman
who charmed me as much as my Colombian friend.
Together, they practically become Maria, and even
as individuals, they approach her very closely.

So, now, when you hear me mention Ol' Coyote and
Maria, you know where I'm coming from.

All the best!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

That Clinging -- Oh, That Clinging Problem!

You'll get my drift, soon enough! :)

You know, one of the biggest things we can learn
in terms of relationships, is to avoid "clinging"
behaviour. This is especially a problem among
men, although women aren't immune to it.

In many respects, women are more independent
minded, when it comes to relationships. Now, I
know I'm treading on thin ice, so to speak, and I
don't mean to imply that it always holds true. And,
too, cultural background plays a big role in this

Anyhow, let's put the debate to rest for the moment,
and focus on clinging behaviour. In some respects,
we men need to apply some anti-static to our
relationships. :)

How to begin?

Well, for one thing, communicate! I've been terrible
at this in the past. I'll be the first to admit it. I seem
to get lulled into a strange state where I don't talk
a lot. It's due partly to contentment, partly to a
satisfaction with the present state, and partly that
I appreciate silence and non-verbal communication.

On the other hand, I may have a mental probelm:))

Ask your partner her opinion in the matter. Are you
clinging? Does she have space? If she tells you that
she needs more space, then that's the opening you
need, to discuss the matter.

Decide, together, what to do about it. We all need
space, and time to do things on our own.

There are many reasons behind clinging behaviour,
including lack of self-confidence, jealously, just to
mention two things. We can get into those things
in future posts.

The main thing is to apply the anti-static, and get
the hell off your partner's coat tails! Geez, am I ever
good at this stuff! :) Now, if I can only learn to
consistently express myself this well, verbally. Wow!
The women will love me for it!

Ol' Coyote will return, shortly;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Notes on A Manuscript


Well, did you know that Ol' Coyote's in possession
of a hand-written, 783 page manuscript, concerning
love, intimacy, and other good stuff. Oh yes, I call
it my "monster manuscript," because it has taken
on a life of its own. Whenever I become involved with
the manuscript, it seems to take over a good portion
of my life and thought.

It's really quite complicated and involves a number
of characters. The manuscript is currently entitled,
Joseph's Journal: A Search for Love, Intimacy and
Passion. The title could easily change, as things
develop. At the moment, I have it stuffed away in
my attic, gathering dust.

Joseph, the chief character, has an eccentric uncle
who is quite enamoured with things erotic -- all things
erotic. It's quite interesting when they get together
for coffee, to discuss Joseph's Journal. This uncle,
by the way, is my characterization of the ideal uncle
I never had.

I'll not say anything more about the manuscript. It's
quite complex, serious, funny, and involves Ol' Coyote,
among an array of other silly, neurotic, odd, and
humourous characters.

Some time between now and next spring, I do intend
to make my way to the attic, walk carefully through
dust, spider webs, and other obstacles, to retrieve the
manuscript, and allow it to take over my life once
again. I'll let you know when it happens. Of course,
those close to me will probably know when it happens.
I do tend to take on the nature of the manuscript.

Well, so long for now, or, as Willie Nelson sings,
"on the road again".


The Rain and the Romance


Oh, those wonderful memories of rain and romance!
Excuse me for indulging myself in some memories
tonight. Isn't it true, though, that they go so well

Now, I know that many of us have memories of
romance and of "making out" in the rain, whether it
was in a car, in a cabin, a tent, a bedroom, or some
really exotic or unusual location. But, wherever it was,
and whenever rain was involved, I'm sure we'll all agree
that the rain made it special.

I won't go into details, but one of Ol' Coyote's fondest
experiences in this regard, was with a woman from
Toronto. She was the only Torontonian that I've ever
dated, or, at least, remember dating. Anyhow, we
had a hot night in the rain -- in fact, it was so hot and
wild, that it took two days for the steam to clear from
my car windows! :))

Of course, there are more subtle things associating
rain and romance. When we sit listening to the rain,
our minds are easily carried away, our imagination
is stirred, and we are apt to experience a flash of
inspiration. For me, this listening to the rain, can
result in a deep loneliness, both painful and enjoyable.
Does this make sense? This has often inspired me
to do a painting, or to begin a short story.

I've only touched on this topic tonight. There is so
much more to say, in this regard. But, it's late, and
it's raining, so I really must take my tea and listen
to those wonderful rain drops.

Pleasant dreams!
Laurie Coyote

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I'd like to welcome everyone to my new blog!

It's not often that an Ol' Coyote gets to monkey
around with modern technology. But, here I am
enjoying a bit of desert sunshine, while I play
around with my new wireless capable laptop --
I'm telling you, what a life . . . makes me want
to howl!

Anyhow, that's it for this time! Again, welcome
aboard, and I hope you return often.

Bye now,
LaurieC ;)