Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ol' Coyote Walks With the Dusk

Now Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, crossed
the road leading to Ixtlan.

He moved slowly, hoping to walk with
the dusk to another world.

Along the way, he met Rattlesnake, who
had woke after a nap in the desert sun.

"Where you goin', Coyote? Rattlesnake

"I'm walking with the dusk to another

"Don't bother," Rattlesnake said. "I
was there last evening and it's pretty
boring. Better to visit with me this
evening, so we can smoke the pipe."

"Did you see any women in the other
world?" Coyote asked Rattlesnake.

"None that you'd like." He said. "Just
a bunch of old toads with their old toad

"Old toads?"

"Yeah. They were so old, they could
hardly hop anymore. Tried to eat a
couple of 'em, but they disappeared
on me."

"I see." Coyote replied.

"Stay here with me. We'll smoke the

"Perhaps another evening, Rattlesnake.
Another evening...."

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, walked
with the dusk into another world.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ol' Coyote MedicineTale

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
followed the road to Ixtlan,
to where it veers sharply left.

There, he quit that road, descending
carefully along a narrow wash, into
a gully where Agave plants grow.

The ol' fella sat on red sandstone,
sucking sweet Agave juice, and
smoking Tobacco in Blue Corn Pipe.

Life was good.

Soon, Dust Devil arrives....

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
watched intently... watched Dust Devil
sweep Tobacco's smoke from that gully.

"Hey, Devil! Hey, Devil!" Coyote said,
"Why do you sweep away my Blue Corn
Pipe Tobacco Prayer?"

That Dust Devil swirled and danced
around the ol' fella's feet....

"Never could understand Devil speak,"
muttered Coyote, sucking hard on
Blue Corn Pipe's stem.

"Betcha Devil leaves you a sign,"
the Agave said.

Suddenly, that Dust Devil swirls
and escapes the gully.

"That was better than TV,"
the Agave said.

Coyote sucked on that pipe,
and stared at his feet.

Yes, he stared at his feet
for a spell.

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
stared at his feet, and spoke:
"See, Dust Devil left six pebbles.
Yes, Ol' Dusty left six pebbles
on my feet. Three on the left foot
and three on the right foot....
I suppose that means something?"

Coyote yawned and fell asleep.

The Agave felt a tickling joy
in its roots.

Ol' Coyote dreamed.

When Coyote woke from his dream,
and opened his eyes, he still
smoked that Blue Corn Pipe, and
those pebbles were still on his feet.

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
took the pebbles, and blessed them
in Blue Corn Pipe Tobacco smoke.

Then, he cupped those pebbles
in the palms of his hands....

Yes, he cupped those pebbles,
and rattled....

Agave Spirit came and sat by
the ol' fella....

Dust Devil swirled and danced
along the road to Ixtlan.

Good medicine always!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Now Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, walked away one

Some people say he vanished for months....

Others placed the ol' fella in Ixtlan, with Maria.

But that would be unlikely, as neither Coyote nor
Maria ever dwelled in Ixtlan beyond a morning or
an afternoon, an evening, or, perhaps overnight.

So, again, I must say, "Ol' Coyote walked away
one morning".

He probably walked into the desert. Beyond that,
it is useless to speculate....


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow! I'm Back! Is it True? Yes, it Is!


Yeah, it's been a while....

Ol' Coyote's gone through a dry spell.
Mind you, the desert's dry anyhow. But,
that's no excuse....

Listen, I've got some stuff on the go.
Plan to write it up real soon. That
mean the blog posts will be coming

That's a good thing!

So, hey, take it easy. Have a great
weekend. See you next week....