Thursday, October 29, 2009


Now Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, walked away one

Some people say he vanished for months....

Others placed the ol' fella in Ixtlan, with Maria.

But that would be unlikely, as neither Coyote nor
Maria ever dwelled in Ixtlan beyond a morning or
an afternoon, an evening, or, perhaps overnight.

So, again, I must say, "Ol' Coyote walked away
one morning".

He probably walked into the desert. Beyond that,
it is useless to speculate....


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wow! I'm Back! Is it True? Yes, it Is!


Yeah, it's been a while....

Ol' Coyote's gone through a dry spell.
Mind you, the desert's dry anyhow. But,
that's no excuse....

Listen, I've got some stuff on the go.
Plan to write it up real soon. That
mean the blog posts will be coming

That's a good thing!

So, hey, take it easy. Have a great
weekend. See you next week....



Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ol' Coyote's Kayaking in the Desert!

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, decided to do an
unusual thing, to do something unusual, or an
unusual thing.... So, he ordered a kayak from a
1967 kayak catalogue, and soon found himself
pulling it across the road leading to Ixtlan, and
over the desert to a large Agave plant.

From there, he peered out over the desert,
looking for water . . . looking for water. Failing to
see water with his Coyote eyes, he settled for a
mirage, instead. He was pleased.

The mirage, a beautiful lake, glistened in the
desert sunlight.

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, pulled his kayak
over the desert floor, towards the mirage. However,
the further the ol' fella walked, the further away
the mirage appeared.

"I'll fool that mirage," he said.

So, coyote tied a bandana over his eyes, and
continued pulling his kayak. Soon, he imagined
himself at the shore of Mirage Lake.

"Damn, but it's cool by the lake," he said. I'd
better keep this bandana over my eyes, or the
lake might move on me."

So, Coyote walked along the shore of the lake,
trying to find a good spot to put his kayak into
the water. Unbeknownst to Coyote, he had in
fact circled back to the crest of a steep slope,
overlooking the road to Ixtlan.

Coyote felt the breeze from off the waters of
Mirage Lake, touch the whiskers on his face.

"Damn, but it's cool by the lake, he said.

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, carefully positioned
the bandana that covered his eyes. He was still
wary of losing Mirage Lake. Then, he was off!
Paddling furiously, Coyote bounced and bounded
down the steep slope, where he could feel the
rush of wind and water against his face.

"Mirage Lake is pretty frigging rough, today,"
Coyote muttered, while trying to keep his breath.
"This is the last time I'll go kayaking without a life

Soon, the kayak came to rest against a bank of
sand, in a gully, near the large Agave plant.

"Geez," Coyote said, aloud, "I'm grounded".

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, removed the bandana
from over his eyes. He saw the bank of sand, the
gully, and the steep slope.

"Just as I suspected, the lake moved," he said.

So, he overturned his kayak and placed it against
large boulders on the north side of the gully.

"There," he said, "it'll make a good shelter for
rattlesnake". Then, he lay back against the boulders,
wiped the sweat from his brow, covered his face
with a large sombrero, and had a nap.

Catch ya'll later,

Monday, February 16, 2009

Ol' Coyote and the Ukulele

Hi Everyone,

I've got news. . . .

Ol' Coyote's learning to play the ukulele!


"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey."

Or, tequila sunshine. . . .

Whatever. . . .

Stay tuned!

Be back soon.

Love and Blessings,
LaurieC ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dreaming With Spider Woman

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, followed a low,
flat ravine, into the heart of Dene country. He
had discovered the ravine in a dream, thanks
to Spider Woman. She had woven her web
over the face of his dream, and then crawled
through it.

Now, Coyote respected Spider Woman - she
was wise beyond her years.

"Why don't you follow that ravine, Ol' Coyote?"
She said, staring at him. her eyes were large,
like two full moons.

So, Coyote followed the ravine.

He walked for seven hours until he noticed
something peculiar. "Why, I'm following my
footsteps!" He said, out loud. "See, where
that pebble was moved. Only the toe of a
Coyote would move a pebble in that fashion."

Coyote looked about the ravine, and said to
himself, "I must be lost?" He began to sing:

"I don't feel lost,
I don't feel lost,
I'm following my footsteps,
Oh sweet footsteps,
Oh joy, sweet footsteps,
I love my footsteps,
Look how I walk,
I am lost, I am lost...."

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, continued to
follow his footsteps, sniffing at the tracks, and
marvelling at his own scent.

"Is that how I smell?" He said, out loud. "It's a
wonder anyone comes near me," he chuckled.

Spider woman, for her part, was growing tired
of watching Coyote dancing about, singing,
and smelling his own tracks.

"I'm tired of the antics of that crazy Ol' Coyote,"
she mused. So, picking up her web from the
face of his dream, she crawled silently away.

The next thing that Coyote knew, he was on
the road to Ixtlan.

Many Blessings!