Sunday, September 23, 2007

"The Three Sisters"


Well, those of you who know even a little bit about Ol'
Coyote, know that he's been keeping a close eye on
the three sisters who are living in upper and western
Canada. They've threatened to come east and visit

Now, the reason he's watching them, is that they know
how much he loves taking relaxing bubble baths at all
hours of the night. So, they've pretty much decided to
come east and join Ol' Coyote in one large bubble bath
ceremony! And, by the way, they're bringing the bottles
of bubble bath with them.

If this happens, it could spell the end of the ol' fella, as
sharing a bubble bath with three beautiful women could
be a bit much. Mind you, he claims he could do it, as,
apparently, Maria is as wild and wonderful as three
women in one.

Well, there would seem to be some movement happening
out west, as one of the sisters has left Vancouver and is
moving east. What does this imply? It could imply that
those Metis women are intent on visiting the Eastern Gate,
and Nova Scotia could be in their sights!

I know this sounds wacky and mysterious at the same
time, but, hey, it's the life of Coyote. :)) So, stay tuned,
to see what happens!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Maria's Eyes -- Woman's Eyes


Oh man, I slept for six days, lost in Maria's eyes.

Have you ever done that, guys? Were you ever
lost in a woman's eyes?

I mean, really lost for days . . . . A deep lost --
the kind you don't recover from, soon.

So lost, in fact, that you feel yourself drifting in
space, or, perhaps, over a desert landscape.

The freaky thing about it all, is that the desert
becomes her skin, and you drift over her body
until it darn near drives you insane . . . until you
can't stand the temptation any longer . . . .

Then, just when you think you've lost your mind,
you feel a warm, soft, gentle breeze, and you
realize it's her breath in your ears, where it
tickles, tickles, tickles -- gawd darn, does it
ever tickle!

Suddenly, you drift down into a deep valley,
where you dive head-first into a river, and drift
deep inside her. This takes several days, and,
by the time you wake up, you're like Ol' Coyote,
where you've slept for six days.

And, just think, it all starts with her eyes.

Coyote love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Early Tuesday Morning

Hello Everyone!

My gosh, the long weekend went around fast!
I spent part of the weekend toying with the idea
of writing a a small ebook on romance and

Now, the ebook would be geared to men, and
would explain certain things that men have to
do to carry on a successful, long term relationship.
Oh yes, you should have seen Ol' Coyote as his
head spun with ideas for such a book! I'm telling
you, this is gonna be really good! Well, if it
happens . . . .

Mind you, it'll be great reading for women, too . . .
if it happens.

Now, you might ask, "How can Ol' Coyote write
such a book when his own record on long term
relationships has been spotty at best?" Well,
that's just his point;) You see, he figures he can
tell men what not to do -- you know, don't repeat
my mistakes, for gosh sakes! And, as I say, this
could be juicy reading for women . . . . :))

Besides, he figures he's gotta leave one good
thing to the world -- I mean, it might be too late
for Coyote, but not for other men. In any event,
I'll keep you posted.

Well, now, I must saunter back to my cave . . .
maybe I'll get up early, head for the ocean, and
collect some sea glass.

Here's a coyote hug,

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Howdy! I'm back! You Gotta Love that Sea Glass!


Oh my, what a nice, cool, sunny day we enjoyed here
in Nova Scotia. I love it! Makes me want to take a long
holiday from the desert country.

Ol' Coyote went to the ocean, recently, to collect sea
glass for Maria. Actually, he went there to collect the
glass for one of two women who, together, represent
his ideal woman, Maria. He sent the glass to New

I think she loved it.

I felt inspired to collect the glass -- it seemed to be
the right thing to do. Besides, I love New England
women. ;) It's true! I've dated four women from New
England and they were/are all wonderful people.

Now, the other woman who represents Maria is a
beautiful Colombian woman -- her eyes are sooo
beautiful, and she is such a bubbly person! I met
her thirty-five years ago! But, then, we lost contact for
three decades, until we met up again in Edmonton,
Alberta, three years ago. It was fantastic! We travelled
together for a week, and hiked in the Canadian

Such is the life of Ol' Coyote:))

So, what now? More, sea glass, perhaps? I think
I should send several pounds of it to New Hampshire.
I have to impress that woman . . . . I'm also thinking
of writing a song . . . even singing it . . . oh yes, singing
it! I'm gonna burn it to a CD and send it along to her.

In reality, I should look for a local woman . . . put my
profile on "Plenty of Fish," or whatever the heck it's
called. I wonder if I'd require "bait" of some kind --
seems only reasonable. Of course, I'm very photogenic,
so that might be all the bait that's required?

I'm rambling. It's time to get out of here. Perhaps I'll
go some place, have a glass of mescal, and dream
of Maria. Oh yes, dream of Maria driving along a
dusty desert road in her old half ton Chevy. Ahh, yes,
Maria . . . .

Enjoy the evening. Enjoy the stars, the moon . . . .