Friday, January 18, 2008

Well, it's been a while . . . .

You know, earlier this evening, I went to a cafe and
wrote an interesting post for this blog, but when I got
home I discovered that the message was missing!
I have no idea what happened to it? It simply vanished.

I even back-tracked, trying to locate where I had
misplaced my papers, but to no avail. I still feel it will
show up, perhaps, in a day or so. But, on the other
hand, I've searched most places, so it's difficult to
imagine how it might return to me?

So, I'll let it go from my mind. I do feel satisfaction.
It was a terrific creative writing exercise! I got inspired
and rather foolish, but controlled, just the same.

Anyhow, Ol' Coyote's back again:) And, you know
what, the next post will probably take a romantic turn.
I can't guarantee it . . . you never know what thoughts
might surface in this "trickster" brain. Yet, it's quite
possible. Yes, romance is in the desert air. . . . ;)

All the best,


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Mescal, Agave, Willie Nelson, Gene Autry, the Euphrates, and the Garden of Eden (or) A Tale of When Coyote Moves Outside the Box and Visions Things

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
that Trickster in a naked landscape,
sings, sings, sings, and sings Willie Nelson's,

"On the Road Again".

Or, was it a Gene Autry tune?

"Back in the Saddle Again."

It's confusing, you know, it's really confusing,
this reality, this blurred desert landscape.
It's confusing to coyote consciousness,
when odd things happen. . . .

Ol' Coyote's spent hours trying to figure it out,
just to realize he's spaced out.

But, then, when he thinks he's figured it out,
He sees something interesting, that makes
him doubt what he's figured out.

Let's rest here, while I tell you about Coyote

(My gawd, I'm in a Zellers Restaurant in
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and there are two
fascinating women sitting across from me.
They are both wearing hats.)

Ol' Coyote sees the Euphrates River running
through desert country -- he sees the Great
Divide, where the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers
meet to form the Shatt-al-Arab.

Is this the Garden of Eden?

I think he's finally figured it out.

His mind plays with that for the longest time,
until he notices something strange.

(The "hat" women are leaving the restaurant,
and they look distinguished.)

There is an old Agave plant seeping its
precious fluid into the Euphrates. Coyote
thinks that's cool, and then he learns the
whole story.

You see, at this point, Rattlesnake has sought
shelter from the afternoon desert sun. He slithers
to a small cavern near Coyote, and notices the
Trickster's fascination with the Agave.

"There's something quite different about that
old Agave, Mr. Coyote."

"What's that Mr. Rattlesnake?"

"Why, the Agave has evolved. Don't you see,
it distills its own juice." That's why humans are
drunk on the Myths of Creation."

Rattlesnake grins as he sees bells and whistles
going off in Coyote's brain. "I think he's figured
it out," he mutters, before dozing off to a dream.

"Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote,
rushes to the Euphrates,
diving into its precious waters.

"Oh, Sweet Jesus, what a Baptism!" he shouts.
"The Euphrates is pure mescal. Is there any
wonder Adam sinned!"

Oh, one more thing -- before you become
hysterical and rush off to the Euphrates,
you gotta know, this is a vision. . . .

It's the desert, the sun, the blurred horizon,
the shimmering waves of heat, together with a
little coyote consciousness. . . .

Oh yes, that's what it is.

That's how he was able to figure it out.

See ya!