Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Pss't! . . . have you seen the sisters?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Coyote's A Wee Bit Tired;)

Well, with good reason, too!

You know, I've been considering the sisters --
they've left the Gaspe region of Quebec and
seem to have vanished off my radar!

Where did they go?

Do you suppose they've returned to Toronto?
Perhaps they're in Nova Scotia, for all I know!

Ol' Coyote went to Walmart this evening, and
hid amongst the bubble bath bottles. I was
hoping to catch a glimpse of the sisters, if they
arrived in Bridgewater.

Alas, no one came -- however, I did buy a
small bottle of an "extreme" bubble product.
Look out! The bathroom will fill with bubbles
tomorrow evening.

Yes, Ol' Coyote was up until 4:15 last night,
considering and planning things, and trying to
get a psychic sense of the sisters' location.
I finally put the lights out and dove under the
blankets, waking at 9 o'clock, somewhat

So, now, I must make this post, and scramble
upstairs to the blankets once again. See you


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sisters are on the Move!


You know what, this is the first time I've written
a blog post from a bubble bath. :) Ol' Coyote
loves it! The bubbles seem to enhance the
imagination. Of course, mescal helps as well --
a few sips of mescal, and the writer flourishes
in me.

Oh yes, about the sisters -- Coyote feels quite
strongly that they're in the Gaspe area of Quebec.
You see, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the
sisters are from that area of Quebec. If my feeling
is accurate, then they're on the move, east!

Ol' Coyote loves and respects those women.
But, he's a bit leary about the psychic power they
exude, when they get together. That's why there's
a cat and mouse game going on, and it's largely
carried out on the psychic level.

Now, back to the bubble bath. :) I'm using this new
bottle of "Olive Oil Forming Milk Bath". Imagine, it's
made with 100% extra virgin olive oil! Expensive
stuff, but you should see the bubbles -- there are
bubbles all over the place -- even outside the
bathroom all the way to the living room!

What a life. What would a person do without a
bubble bath?

I keep thinking of the sisters -- it would be nice to
share a bubble bath and a gallon of wine -- I might
even add wine to the bath water. ;) Yet, I wonder? I
mean, the three sisters together are a mighty
potent group!

Well, I must go now -- run through the bubbles to
my computer -- quickly make this post, and run
back again. Have to do it before the water cools.

In any event, I love you all!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Three Sisters Update


Well, it was true -- the three sisters have gotten
together in Toronto! Now, it remains to be seen,
whether they intend to visit the Eastern Gate?
You can rest assured, that Ol' Coyote's watching
with interest. :)

What I didn't mention in my last post, is that the
sisters have psychic powers -- they are all medicine
women, in one way or another. They come from
a family line of shamans. The powers have been
passed down through the generations. So, Coyote
knows this is possible, and has the greatest
respect for them.

For now, the waiting continues . . . . I'll be back
later in the week, with another update.

I got the tub running -- gotta go and dive into the
bubbles . . . splash around some in what's called
an "Olive Oil Forming Milk Bath"!

Catch ya later ;))