Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Sisters and A Ukranian Princess


It's Ol' Coyote back again, with a yarn
or two. . . .

You know what, the sisters never made it
this far east -- in fact, two of them are
now in Toronto, enjoying that fine city.

But, where's the third sister? Is she
still in the Gaspe', or also making her
way to Toronto?

Well, now, moving on . . .

Guess what . . . I met a beautiful Ukranian
Princess. So, Ol'Coyote's been communing
with this Princess from a faraway land. ;)

Meanwhile, the mythical Maria, that lovely
black haired, black eyed, medicine woman,
has a special treat for Ol' Coyote. But,
what is it? She's not speaking -- she's in
that magical mood where she communicates
everything through her eyes.

While Coyote, he sits in the shade of a
shallow cave, on a rock ledge, dreaming
in slow motion of Maria, and of a Ukranian
Princess, while the hot desert sun
makes the horizon quiver in pinks and
purples and soft yellow.

And then there is mescal. Coyote has
spoken to mescal, while it has spoken
back in a rasping low voice, yet leaving
the next instance, travelling deep into
the horizon -- that soft yellow part
of it.

Ol' Coyote watches intently where mescal
walked -- watches intently, yes, but
even moments later, those mescal tracks
are covered by wind swipt sand.

So there he sits, the ol' fella, thinking
of Maria, of the Ukranian Princess, even of
Dora Cecilia in Saskatchewan.

Sleeping on a pillow of rose petals, Coyote
dreams . . . .

See ya,

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Sisters, Bubblebath, and a Wild Lingerie Store!

Hi Folks, Ol' Coyote's back!

I lost the sisters! I lost the sisters!

I don't know what to say -- Ol' Coyote's
looked high and low for the sisters, but
they've simply vanished! What do you
suppose happened to them?

It wouldn't be so bad, except what will I
do with all the bubble bath soap -- I have
three gallons of the stuff alongside the
bath tub! My gawd, this is the next thing
to an emergency!

Now, don't get me wrong, Maria loves
to take long, enticing baths, and it's
enough to drive a Coyote insane -- but,
I mean, three gallons is a lot of bubble

Well now, I've got news -- Ol' Coyote's
got his own "Wild Lingerie Store"! ;))
Can you believe it . . . I mean, really . . . .

It's true! It's true! The minute I saw Maria
in that black satin thong, I was hooked!
Just click on the "Cool Store" banner on
the left of my blog, and you'll see what I

Now, guys and gals, check out the Cool
Store. . . you're gonna love it! I can't wait
to see Maria again in that black satin thong. . .
oh gawd, I'm gonna dieeeeee. . . .

But, really, Ol'Coyote's own Wild Lingerie
Store! I mean, I'm not in a drunken stupor, or
anything like that. This is real! Some people
are gonna say the ol' fella's lost his bleeping
mind . . . had one too many bottles of mescal.

I have to run now . . . maybe find the sisters.
Or, then again, find Maria and run the
bubble bath.

Catch you later,