Thursday, December 20, 2007

Howdy! It's Ol' Coyote Again


Merry Christmas, everyone! None of that wishy
washy, politically correct, Happy Holidays
stuff . . . that's enough to drive one to drink.

But, you know, I do like Happy Solstice! That's
got a nice ring to it, and makes me think of
frost . . . beautiful, glistening frost on a cold,
sunny day.

Well, anyhow, Ol' Coyote will be back soon.
I sense a creative streak coming, which means
that the next post should be a doozy!

Have a good night,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Howdy! Ol' Coyote's back. . . .


Well, you know, the last time I posted, I mentioned
lying on a pillow of "rose petals". You have to hand it
to Maria, how many women would give their lover a
pillow of rose petals?

Now, if you've never lain on rose petals, you can't
begin to imagine the amazing scent -- Maria's petals
are always scented. And, they will make you dream,
wonderful dreams of mounds and valleys, and
caverns, and smooth, silk-like landscapes.

It it were possible to enter that dream, that landscape,
for days at a time, you would be tempted to stay, to
give up earthly life, for such is the strength of the rose.

But, I didn't want to go there. I mean, I was saving
that topic for another post.

In any event, when Ol' Coyote woke from his sleep,
and brushed the rose petals from his hair, he felt
thirsty for spring water. So, gathering a few things
in a knapsack, he headed off into desert country,
in the direction of ancient Anasazi dwellings.

Now, Coyote was smart, because he knew there
were springs that had served the Anasazi for
thousands of years. So, he was soon able to satisfy
his thirst, and to splash the water over his hairy body.
What a treat! You should have seen him dancing
about that ancient spring.

This makes one think about basic, natural things,
and the joy that can be experienced from them.

I'll be back soon,