Thursday, December 20, 2007

Howdy! It's Ol' Coyote Again


Merry Christmas, everyone! None of that wishy
washy, politically correct, Happy Holidays
stuff . . . that's enough to drive one to drink.

But, you know, I do like Happy Solstice! That's
got a nice ring to it, and makes me think of
frost . . . beautiful, glistening frost on a cold,
sunny day.

Well, anyhow, Ol' Coyote will be back soon.
I sense a creative streak coming, which means
that the next post should be a doozy!

Have a good night,

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Howdy! Ol' Coyote's back. . . .


Well, you know, the last time I posted, I mentioned
lying on a pillow of "rose petals". You have to hand it
to Maria, how many women would give their lover a
pillow of rose petals?

Now, if you've never lain on rose petals, you can't
begin to imagine the amazing scent -- Maria's petals
are always scented. And, they will make you dream,
wonderful dreams of mounds and valleys, and
caverns, and smooth, silk-like landscapes.

It it were possible to enter that dream, that landscape,
for days at a time, you would be tempted to stay, to
give up earthly life, for such is the strength of the rose.

But, I didn't want to go there. I mean, I was saving
that topic for another post.

In any event, when Ol' Coyote woke from his sleep,
and brushed the rose petals from his hair, he felt
thirsty for spring water. So, gathering a few things
in a knapsack, he headed off into desert country,
in the direction of ancient Anasazi dwellings.

Now, Coyote was smart, because he knew there
were springs that had served the Anasazi for
thousands of years. So, he was soon able to satisfy
his thirst, and to splash the water over his hairy body.
What a treat! You should have seen him dancing
about that ancient spring.

This makes one think about basic, natural things,
and the joy that can be experienced from them.

I'll be back soon,

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Sisters and A Ukranian Princess


It's Ol' Coyote back again, with a yarn
or two. . . .

You know what, the sisters never made it
this far east -- in fact, two of them are
now in Toronto, enjoying that fine city.

But, where's the third sister? Is she
still in the Gaspe', or also making her
way to Toronto?

Well, now, moving on . . .

Guess what . . . I met a beautiful Ukranian
Princess. So, Ol'Coyote's been communing
with this Princess from a faraway land. ;)

Meanwhile, the mythical Maria, that lovely
black haired, black eyed, medicine woman,
has a special treat for Ol' Coyote. But,
what is it? She's not speaking -- she's in
that magical mood where she communicates
everything through her eyes.

While Coyote, he sits in the shade of a
shallow cave, on a rock ledge, dreaming
in slow motion of Maria, and of a Ukranian
Princess, while the hot desert sun
makes the horizon quiver in pinks and
purples and soft yellow.

And then there is mescal. Coyote has
spoken to mescal, while it has spoken
back in a rasping low voice, yet leaving
the next instance, travelling deep into
the horizon -- that soft yellow part
of it.

Ol' Coyote watches intently where mescal
walked -- watches intently, yes, but
even moments later, those mescal tracks
are covered by wind swipt sand.

So there he sits, the ol' fella, thinking
of Maria, of the Ukranian Princess, even of
Dora Cecilia in Saskatchewan.

Sleeping on a pillow of rose petals, Coyote
dreams . . . .

See ya,

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Sisters, Bubblebath, and a Wild Lingerie Store!

Hi Folks, Ol' Coyote's back!

I lost the sisters! I lost the sisters!

I don't know what to say -- Ol' Coyote's
looked high and low for the sisters, but
they've simply vanished! What do you
suppose happened to them?

It wouldn't be so bad, except what will I
do with all the bubble bath soap -- I have
three gallons of the stuff alongside the
bath tub! My gawd, this is the next thing
to an emergency!

Now, don't get me wrong, Maria loves
to take long, enticing baths, and it's
enough to drive a Coyote insane -- but,
I mean, three gallons is a lot of bubble

Well now, I've got news -- Ol' Coyote's
got his own "Wild Lingerie Store"! ;))
Can you believe it . . . I mean, really . . . .

It's true! It's true! The minute I saw Maria
in that black satin thong, I was hooked!
Just click on the "Cool Store" banner on
the left of my blog, and you'll see what I

Now, guys and gals, check out the Cool
Store. . . you're gonna love it! I can't wait
to see Maria again in that black satin thong. . .
oh gawd, I'm gonna dieeeeee. . . .

But, really, Ol'Coyote's own Wild Lingerie
Store! I mean, I'm not in a drunken stupor, or
anything like that. This is real! Some people
are gonna say the ol' fella's lost his bleeping
mind . . . had one too many bottles of mescal.

I have to run now . . . maybe find the sisters.
Or, then again, find Maria and run the
bubble bath.

Catch you later,

Friday, October 19, 2007

Coyote's A Wee Bit Tired;)

Well, with good reason, too!

You know, I've been considering the sisters --
they've left the Gaspe region of Quebec and
seem to have vanished off my radar!

Where did they go?

Do you suppose they've returned to Toronto?
Perhaps they're in Nova Scotia, for all I know!

Ol' Coyote went to Walmart this evening, and
hid amongst the bubble bath bottles. I was
hoping to catch a glimpse of the sisters, if they
arrived in Bridgewater.

Alas, no one came -- however, I did buy a
small bottle of an "extreme" bubble product.
Look out! The bathroom will fill with bubbles
tomorrow evening.

Yes, Ol' Coyote was up until 4:15 last night,
considering and planning things, and trying to
get a psychic sense of the sisters' location.
I finally put the lights out and dove under the
blankets, waking at 9 o'clock, somewhat

So, now, I must make this post, and scramble
upstairs to the blankets once again. See you


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Sisters are on the Move!


You know what, this is the first time I've written
a blog post from a bubble bath. :) Ol' Coyote
loves it! The bubbles seem to enhance the
imagination. Of course, mescal helps as well --
a few sips of mescal, and the writer flourishes
in me.

Oh yes, about the sisters -- Coyote feels quite
strongly that they're in the Gaspe area of Quebec.
You see, as I mentioned in an earlier post, the
sisters are from that area of Quebec. If my feeling
is accurate, then they're on the move, east!

Ol' Coyote loves and respects those women.
But, he's a bit leary about the psychic power they
exude, when they get together. That's why there's
a cat and mouse game going on, and it's largely
carried out on the psychic level.

Now, back to the bubble bath. :) I'm using this new
bottle of "Olive Oil Forming Milk Bath". Imagine, it's
made with 100% extra virgin olive oil! Expensive
stuff, but you should see the bubbles -- there are
bubbles all over the place -- even outside the
bathroom all the way to the living room!

What a life. What would a person do without a
bubble bath?

I keep thinking of the sisters -- it would be nice to
share a bubble bath and a gallon of wine -- I might
even add wine to the bath water. ;) Yet, I wonder? I
mean, the three sisters together are a mighty
potent group!

Well, I must go now -- run through the bubbles to
my computer -- quickly make this post, and run
back again. Have to do it before the water cools.

In any event, I love you all!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Three Sisters Update


Well, it was true -- the three sisters have gotten
together in Toronto! Now, it remains to be seen,
whether they intend to visit the Eastern Gate?
You can rest assured, that Ol' Coyote's watching
with interest. :)

What I didn't mention in my last post, is that the
sisters have psychic powers -- they are all medicine
women, in one way or another. They come from
a family line of shamans. The powers have been
passed down through the generations. So, Coyote
knows this is possible, and has the greatest
respect for them.

For now, the waiting continues . . . . I'll be back
later in the week, with another update.

I got the tub running -- gotta go and dive into the
bubbles . . . splash around some in what's called
an "Olive Oil Forming Milk Bath"!

Catch ya later ;))


Sunday, September 23, 2007

"The Three Sisters"


Well, those of you who know even a little bit about Ol'
Coyote, know that he's been keeping a close eye on
the three sisters who are living in upper and western
Canada. They've threatened to come east and visit

Now, the reason he's watching them, is that they know
how much he loves taking relaxing bubble baths at all
hours of the night. So, they've pretty much decided to
come east and join Ol' Coyote in one large bubble bath
ceremony! And, by the way, they're bringing the bottles
of bubble bath with them.

If this happens, it could spell the end of the ol' fella, as
sharing a bubble bath with three beautiful women could
be a bit much. Mind you, he claims he could do it, as,
apparently, Maria is as wild and wonderful as three
women in one.

Well, there would seem to be some movement happening
out west, as one of the sisters has left Vancouver and is
moving east. What does this imply? It could imply that
those Metis women are intent on visiting the Eastern Gate,
and Nova Scotia could be in their sights!

I know this sounds wacky and mysterious at the same
time, but, hey, it's the life of Coyote. :)) So, stay tuned,
to see what happens!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Maria's Eyes -- Woman's Eyes


Oh man, I slept for six days, lost in Maria's eyes.

Have you ever done that, guys? Were you ever
lost in a woman's eyes?

I mean, really lost for days . . . . A deep lost --
the kind you don't recover from, soon.

So lost, in fact, that you feel yourself drifting in
space, or, perhaps, over a desert landscape.

The freaky thing about it all, is that the desert
becomes her skin, and you drift over her body
until it darn near drives you insane . . . until you
can't stand the temptation any longer . . . .

Then, just when you think you've lost your mind,
you feel a warm, soft, gentle breeze, and you
realize it's her breath in your ears, where it
tickles, tickles, tickles -- gawd darn, does it
ever tickle!

Suddenly, you drift down into a deep valley,
where you dive head-first into a river, and drift
deep inside her. This takes several days, and,
by the time you wake up, you're like Ol' Coyote,
where you've slept for six days.

And, just think, it all starts with her eyes.

Coyote love,

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Early Tuesday Morning

Hello Everyone!

My gosh, the long weekend went around fast!
I spent part of the weekend toying with the idea
of writing a a small ebook on romance and

Now, the ebook would be geared to men, and
would explain certain things that men have to
do to carry on a successful, long term relationship.
Oh yes, you should have seen Ol' Coyote as his
head spun with ideas for such a book! I'm telling
you, this is gonna be really good! Well, if it
happens . . . .

Mind you, it'll be great reading for women, too . . .
if it happens.

Now, you might ask, "How can Ol' Coyote write
such a book when his own record on long term
relationships has been spotty at best?" Well,
that's just his point;) You see, he figures he can
tell men what not to do -- you know, don't repeat
my mistakes, for gosh sakes! And, as I say, this
could be juicy reading for women . . . . :))

Besides, he figures he's gotta leave one good
thing to the world -- I mean, it might be too late
for Coyote, but not for other men. In any event,
I'll keep you posted.

Well, now, I must saunter back to my cave . . .
maybe I'll get up early, head for the ocean, and
collect some sea glass.

Here's a coyote hug,

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Howdy! I'm back! You Gotta Love that Sea Glass!


Oh my, what a nice, cool, sunny day we enjoyed here
in Nova Scotia. I love it! Makes me want to take a long
holiday from the desert country.

Ol' Coyote went to the ocean, recently, to collect sea
glass for Maria. Actually, he went there to collect the
glass for one of two women who, together, represent
his ideal woman, Maria. He sent the glass to New

I think she loved it.

I felt inspired to collect the glass -- it seemed to be
the right thing to do. Besides, I love New England
women. ;) It's true! I've dated four women from New
England and they were/are all wonderful people.

Now, the other woman who represents Maria is a
beautiful Colombian woman -- her eyes are sooo
beautiful, and she is such a bubbly person! I met
her thirty-five years ago! But, then, we lost contact for
three decades, until we met up again in Edmonton,
Alberta, three years ago. It was fantastic! We travelled
together for a week, and hiked in the Canadian

Such is the life of Ol' Coyote:))

So, what now? More, sea glass, perhaps? I think
I should send several pounds of it to New Hampshire.
I have to impress that woman . . . . I'm also thinking
of writing a song . . . even singing it . . . oh yes, singing
it! I'm gonna burn it to a CD and send it along to her.

In reality, I should look for a local woman . . . put my
profile on "Plenty of Fish," or whatever the heck it's
called. I wonder if I'd require "bait" of some kind --
seems only reasonable. Of course, I'm very photogenic,
so that might be all the bait that's required?

I'm rambling. It's time to get out of here. Perhaps I'll
go some place, have a glass of mescal, and dream
of Maria. Oh yes, dream of Maria driving along a
dusty desert road in her old half ton Chevy. Ahh, yes,
Maria . . . .

Enjoy the evening. Enjoy the stars, the moon . . . .


Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Love Thing, Continued . . . .


So, what then, makes one attracted to certain people --
I mean, from the very moment we first meet them? I'm
referring to a loving, romantic attraction, in this instance.
The kind of attraction that says, "Yeah, I could have a
relationship with this person".

Ol' Coyote thinks it boils down to a play of energies that
happen on a very subtle level. For instance, the meeting
of energies surrounding bodies on the so-called physical
level. Energies merge when people stand near each
other -- then, there are other mental and spiritual forces
at work, as well. There may even be energies tracing
relationships back through several incarnations. Perhaps,
somewhere down the road, quantum physics can tie
everything together and explain the energy of relationships
in scientific terms -- but, don't bet on it.

In my last post, I told you that I fell in love "three times".
I'm speaking mostly of the attraction alluded to in the
above paragraphs. It's fantastic to feel that attraction, and
I'm sure most of you agree on this point. Also, I must
tell you that I hugged one of those three women, seven
times:)) We couldn't get enough hugs -- we joked, and
made excuses that we hadn't hugged.

So, now, I close my eyes to visualize those three women,
and I consider many things about them. Perhaps I'll talk
about this in my next post. For now, I think I'll just fanticise
for a while -- what a great way to fall asleep tonight;)


Monday, August 20, 2007

Oh, What A Day!


I'm thinking that Sunday is a day for worship and
love -- including romantic love. It was an amazing
day . . . it truly was. I fell in love three times today!
Even so, that wasn't the end of it -- oh know, not
at all. You see, I met about two dozen wonderful
people, both men and women.

But, now, I'm tired -- wiped out, so to speak. I
won't write anymore tonight. Ol' Coyote's gotta
find a cave, crawl in it, and get some shut-eye.
However, I'll be back tomorrow evening, if not
earlier, with another post. I'll continue this love
thing, then;)

Kisses and howls!

p.s. Sorry, for the long delay between posts.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

I'm Back Again!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry I was away for so long. Sometimes the
desert gets so hot that I feel like crawling under a
rock and waiting for the moon to rise. What can I
say? This blogging thing isn't a normal activity
for coyotes anyhow.

Besides, I was thinking of long flowing locks, and
then, occasionally, thinking of Maria's deep dark
eyes -- I'm telling you, such things are enough to
keep an Ol' Coyote busy well into 2020.

Speaking of 2020, I'm already planning that new
Year's Eve celebration! I'm gonna age a large jug
of mescal and pop the cork that evening! What a
celebration! Then, I'm gonna find some beautiful,
nice young thing, and show her a good time! Oh
yes, I'll likely pay for it next day, but what the hell.
It's gonna be worth a few aches and pains! ;))

Well, I've gotta go. I have a coffee appointment
with my friend, Earl. First, however, I've got to cut
my fingernails and toenails with an old pair of
scissors I haven't sharpened in twenty-five years.
I'm telling you, it's enough to make Ol' Coyote

Bye for now,

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Coyote Notes


I'm just kind of moving about over the landscape, today --
you know, the way Coyotes go about searching things out;)
I had the feeling that I could shift my consciousness at any
given moment, so that I'd see things differently. It was like
a hunch, actually. I think I was pretty close to achieving this
magic moment. In any event, it gave me the confidence I
need to continue to think in this fashion.

I got thinking about a woman, too, with long flowing locks.
I know this woman. She's quite tiny, but I was thinking how
nice it would be to have an affair with her. :)) Oh yes, Ol'
Coyote had his thinking cap on today!

I don't actually know where this woman lives, but I see
her occasionally. I must ponder the possibility further as it
seems like a wonderful brain exercise. In fact, such an affair
would likely do both of us a world of good!

Of course, the whole thing might be the result of extreme
desert heat. It can cause the brain to move you in weird
directions. I should find a comfortable rock, and sit in the
shade for a while. Perhaps it'll change my mind, but I doubt
it. Some things just seem right, as if it's the right thing at the
right time.

My gawd, this landscape's beautiful! When I look into the
distance, the heat makes the horizon quiver like long flowing
locks of hair. Perhaps it's got something to do with the "magic
moment" I mentioned above and with shifting consciousness?
Now that I think of it, the tiny woman could be part of a larger
event or experience. She might even be the catalyst I need to
live such magic -- now there's a charming thought!

Well, I could ramble on some more, but I really have to find
that shade. I'll catch you next time,
LaurieC ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

System Crash!

Hi Everyone,

I'm sorry for neglecting my blogs, but
I had a system crash and was offline.
Things are slowly returning to normal,
although I have to recover some of my
files, which are on a hard drive running
Win98 -- my new system is running Windows
Vista . . . help! :)

I'm sure I'll be back soon, with a new

All the best!

Friday, July 13, 2007

Scattered Thoughts . . . .


Well, Ol' Coyote is sitting around tonight, sipping
cactus juice, and reminiscing about the wonderful
party times of years past. Oh yes, those were great
days, even good enough to bring both laughter and
the odd tear to my eye.

Then, I got to thinking how things are cyclical, and
how there might yet be one more cycle of such party
times to this life time. You know, if I could be certain
of it, I think I'd go outside, find the highest hill and
howl until the sun rises tomorrow morning!

I mean, I know a lot more now, and could have one
helluva time, if such a cycle does come around
once again.

Of course, there's always the Law of Attraction! Why
the heck should I wait -- I'll simply go out there and
attract the good times . . . er, the good party times!

I hope you don't feel I'm being a bit off-beat tonight?
I'm actually just allowing the words and ideas to flow,
with just a little control on my part. Geez, it's already
2:55 in the morning, where has the time gone?

I know what I could do -- I could return to Saint John's,
Newfoundland, where a lot of my partying years happened.
It's a wonderful city, with lots of places to explore, lots
of pubs, and an unusually high number of parties
happening every weekend!

In fact, if you happen to be reading this post, and
you've never been to Newfoundland, you should plan to
visit there. The people are fantastic, the island is
unique, and, once there, you'll understand why it was
a country of its own up until 1949 when it opted to join

Enough for tonight! Ol' Coyote's got to hit the sack,
and do some lucid dreaming . . . I know there's a
dark haired beauty waiting for me, just below my
consciousness, somewhere in the dream state:))

All the best everyone!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Cosmic Consciousness -- Love


You know, ever since I read Richard Bucke's classic,
Cosmic Consciousnes (1901), back in the 1970s, I've been
intrigued and fascinated with the concept. Bucke was
a Canadian psychiatrist who practiced in Hamilton, Ontario.

Bucke believed that human consciousness was evolving
and that as time passed, more people would realize a
greater connectedness to all things, including each other,
and to the divine forces of life. This would include a
quickening of the senses, and a realization of oneness
or cosmic consciousness.

Richard Bucke was a friend of Walt Whitman's, and
believed that Whitman had glimpsed this wonderful cosmic
realization of life. He believed that it influenced Whitman,
when he wrote his epic work, Leaves of Grass. This is
an amazing piece of writing, and certainly casts Whitman
as a man of remarkable sensitivity.

The writings of Whitman, Emerson and Bucke, all served
to help shape the closeness I feel to nature and the natural
world, today. It also helped to shape my concept of love,
because if we strive to experience this oneness of life, we
should be prepared to exercise a great deal of love toward
all things.

This is incredibly difficult, and one will certainly experience
many setbacks. I'm not talking about selfishness that often
passes as love, or about jealousy that can also pass as
love, but about unconditional love. Indeed, sometimes I
wonder whether it's possible to sustain unconditional love
over long periods of time? I like to think so, and I like to
think that even if we come close to unconditional love, we
should give ourselves and other people a pat on the back,
for the effort!

When I was in high school, I was infatuated with a girl
who lived in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We would write long
letters to each other on a weekly basis. Wow! I was so
excited when her letters arrived in my mail box! Anyhow,
we had long discussions about love, divine love, and I'm
sure that I wrote the word, "love," at least two dozen
times in each letter.

To this day, I'm happy that we exchanged those letters,
and shared that experience together. I'm sure that many
of you who read this blog, have had similar experiences.
Well, don't forget to think about them occasionally, and
how special they are to your life. Those are the things
that make life worth living.

I want to say more about unconditional love, in future
posts, unless, as Ol' Coyote, I decide to cope out and
write about something else. You never know when the
Coyote fragment of my personality will take over, and go
off in a totally new direction! :)

Bye for now,

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Maria and the Woman of My Dreams

Well, that's quite a title for a blog post -- it'll likely
grab some attention;)

I was sitting outside this morning, drinking my tea,
and pondering what to write about, when I realized
I should write about the woman of my dreams -- the
fantasy woman of my consciousness -- the woman
who best sums up my attraction to and fascination
with the opposite sex.

This woman is mysterious, with deep, dark eyes,
and flowing black hair -- a sorceress, if you like, who
moves freely between various levels of consciousness,
as only a woman can do. Yet, she is very much of the
earth -- kind, loving, and caring.

I call this woman "Maria". It's a beautiful Latin name,
that I chose years ago. You see, back in the 1970s, I
met a sparkling South American girl from Colombia.
I've never forgotten her and we're still good friends.
Then, later, I became intrigued with the "trickster"
figure which appears in many cultures. Ol' Coyote, in
particular, caught my attention. I realized that I had
an element of Coyote in me, and that I could play the
role very well.

Later, I put Maria and Coyote together -- she's the
perfect woman for him. She's as devilish and fun as
Coyote himself! Add to this my love of the Southwest,
my fascination with the deserts of that land and in
Mexico, and you have the perfect ingredients for an
on-going tale. So, Maria became the dark eyed beauty
of the desert, as mysterious and delightful as any
character you might ever imagine.

Do you really think anyone can match this Maria of
my dreams? As time passed, I met a second woman
who charmed me as much as my Colombian friend.
Together, they practically become Maria, and even
as individuals, they approach her very closely.

So, now, when you hear me mention Ol' Coyote and
Maria, you know where I'm coming from.

All the best!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

That Clinging -- Oh, That Clinging Problem!

You'll get my drift, soon enough! :)

You know, one of the biggest things we can learn
in terms of relationships, is to avoid "clinging"
behaviour. This is especially a problem among
men, although women aren't immune to it.

In many respects, women are more independent
minded, when it comes to relationships. Now, I
know I'm treading on thin ice, so to speak, and I
don't mean to imply that it always holds true. And,
too, cultural background plays a big role in this

Anyhow, let's put the debate to rest for the moment,
and focus on clinging behaviour. In some respects,
we men need to apply some anti-static to our
relationships. :)

How to begin?

Well, for one thing, communicate! I've been terrible
at this in the past. I'll be the first to admit it. I seem
to get lulled into a strange state where I don't talk
a lot. It's due partly to contentment, partly to a
satisfaction with the present state, and partly that
I appreciate silence and non-verbal communication.

On the other hand, I may have a mental probelm:))

Ask your partner her opinion in the matter. Are you
clinging? Does she have space? If she tells you that
she needs more space, then that's the opening you
need, to discuss the matter.

Decide, together, what to do about it. We all need
space, and time to do things on our own.

There are many reasons behind clinging behaviour,
including lack of self-confidence, jealously, just to
mention two things. We can get into those things
in future posts.

The main thing is to apply the anti-static, and get
the hell off your partner's coat tails! Geez, am I ever
good at this stuff! :) Now, if I can only learn to
consistently express myself this well, verbally. Wow!
The women will love me for it!

Ol' Coyote will return, shortly;)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Some Notes on A Manuscript


Well, did you know that Ol' Coyote's in possession
of a hand-written, 783 page manuscript, concerning
love, intimacy, and other good stuff. Oh yes, I call
it my "monster manuscript," because it has taken
on a life of its own. Whenever I become involved with
the manuscript, it seems to take over a good portion
of my life and thought.

It's really quite complicated and involves a number
of characters. The manuscript is currently entitled,
Joseph's Journal: A Search for Love, Intimacy and
Passion. The title could easily change, as things
develop. At the moment, I have it stuffed away in
my attic, gathering dust.

Joseph, the chief character, has an eccentric uncle
who is quite enamoured with things erotic -- all things
erotic. It's quite interesting when they get together
for coffee, to discuss Joseph's Journal. This uncle,
by the way, is my characterization of the ideal uncle
I never had.

I'll not say anything more about the manuscript. It's
quite complex, serious, funny, and involves Ol' Coyote,
among an array of other silly, neurotic, odd, and
humourous characters.

Some time between now and next spring, I do intend
to make my way to the attic, walk carefully through
dust, spider webs, and other obstacles, to retrieve the
manuscript, and allow it to take over my life once
again. I'll let you know when it happens. Of course,
those close to me will probably know when it happens.
I do tend to take on the nature of the manuscript.

Well, so long for now, or, as Willie Nelson sings,
"on the road again".


The Rain and the Romance


Oh, those wonderful memories of rain and romance!
Excuse me for indulging myself in some memories
tonight. Isn't it true, though, that they go so well

Now, I know that many of us have memories of
romance and of "making out" in the rain, whether it
was in a car, in a cabin, a tent, a bedroom, or some
really exotic or unusual location. But, wherever it was,
and whenever rain was involved, I'm sure we'll all agree
that the rain made it special.

I won't go into details, but one of Ol' Coyote's fondest
experiences in this regard, was with a woman from
Toronto. She was the only Torontonian that I've ever
dated, or, at least, remember dating. Anyhow, we
had a hot night in the rain -- in fact, it was so hot and
wild, that it took two days for the steam to clear from
my car windows! :))

Of course, there are more subtle things associating
rain and romance. When we sit listening to the rain,
our minds are easily carried away, our imagination
is stirred, and we are apt to experience a flash of
inspiration. For me, this listening to the rain, can
result in a deep loneliness, both painful and enjoyable.
Does this make sense? This has often inspired me
to do a painting, or to begin a short story.

I've only touched on this topic tonight. There is so
much more to say, in this regard. But, it's late, and
it's raining, so I really must take my tea and listen
to those wonderful rain drops.

Pleasant dreams!
Laurie Coyote

Wednesday, June 13, 2007



I'd like to welcome everyone to my new blog!

It's not often that an Ol' Coyote gets to monkey
around with modern technology. But, here I am
enjoying a bit of desert sunshine, while I play
around with my new wireless capable laptop --
I'm telling you, what a life . . . makes me want
to howl!

Anyhow, that's it for this time! Again, welcome
aboard, and I hope you return often.

Bye now,
LaurieC ;)