Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ol' Coyote Walks With the Dusk

Now Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, crossed
the road leading to Ixtlan.

He moved slowly, hoping to walk with
the dusk to another world.

Along the way, he met Rattlesnake, who
had woke after a nap in the desert sun.

"Where you goin', Coyote? Rattlesnake

"I'm walking with the dusk to another

"Don't bother," Rattlesnake said. "I
was there last evening and it's pretty
boring. Better to visit with me this
evening, so we can smoke the pipe."

"Did you see any women in the other
world?" Coyote asked Rattlesnake.

"None that you'd like." He said. "Just
a bunch of old toads with their old toad

"Old toads?"

"Yeah. They were so old, they could
hardly hop anymore. Tried to eat a
couple of 'em, but they disappeared
on me."

"I see." Coyote replied.

"Stay here with me. We'll smoke the

"Perhaps another evening, Rattlesnake.
Another evening...."

Now, Coyote, that Ol' Coyote, walked
with the dusk into another world.

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